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Appalachian Trail Hike 2016

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The Route

Two buddies and I took on the stretch of the Appalachian Trail from north of Fox Creek, VA, south into Damascus, VA.  This is the second trip for us three on this same route. This time, we were much lighter, and knew a little better where and when to camp. Lots of rock climbs, lots of deep wooded hiking, many forms of wildlife along the way.  Also, there were several great overlooks throughout the 45 mile stretch.

The Logistics

This is a great hike for those looking to spend 3-5 days on the trail.  We started in Damascus, VA, and hired a shuttle to drop us off near Fox Creek for about $45, all-in. This shuttle runs out of Mt. Rogers Outfitters in Damascus, and allows free parking for you to hike back to your car.  The Appalachian Trail back in Damascus goes straight through town.

The Hike

The hike itself has some fairly technical parts near Thomas Knob and Mt. Rogers. There is also a good day’s worth of climbing rock and boulder trails. The Nat Geo. topographical map is very helpful to plan the trip and break up your mileage. You don’t want to have to camp on a bald, or end up in a pony field at sundown.  (true story) There are plenty of water sources as long as you pack iodine and enough extra storage.  We only encountered one stretch of more than a few miles without water late in our trip.

More Info

If you want to try this route and need pointers or more detail, please let me know, I’m happy to share our experiences in detail from both times we’ve completed this route.

The Photos

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Sierra Nevada Brewery Tour – Mills River, NC

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I recently had an opportunity to take the Sierra Nevada Brewery tour of the east-coast facility in Mills River, NC, just outside of Asheville.  It was by far, the best brewery tour I’ve ever seen.  Most breweries, by no fault of their own, are in the industrial side of their town, in a warehouse facility that used to manufacture something else.

The new Sierra Nevada Brewery is different.  This facility was built for east coast distribution of their most popular beers AND specifically for public tours.  The attention to detail and design of the facility really shows that craft brewing has exploded, and creating a memorable tour experience for brewers is now very important.

Here are the photos I took at during the tour:


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Bodie Island Lighthouse Photos

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I took these Bodie Island Lighthouse photos over the holidays on the Hatteras National Seashore. It was a great blue sky, sunny, cold and crisp day.  The lighthouse itself was closed for the season, but the grounds were open, and the observing deck at the end of the walkway was full of birdwatchers and a couple of painters.  It is quite the serene site if you’re ever out that way.  The waterfowl alone in the winter are pretty amazing to see so many species there.

Bodie Island Lighthouse Photos 1/1/15

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