100 Days of what?

The other day, I saw a link for a video of Estella called, “Girl does push-ups for 100 days (time-lapse) #giveit100.”  I’m a sucker for time-lapse photography, video, etc., so I clicked the link and was pretty impressed.  Now let me preface this video before you watch it.  She’s doing push ups every day for 100 days.  After 100 days, she’s not ripped or muscle-bound, she doesn’t look decidedly different, but she is smiling.  She planned to do something for 100 days, she got better at it, and she finally mastered it.

After watching the video, i started to read the comments, and found that the idea comes from another site, GiveIt100.com . The premise is that you pick one thing to do, you do it for 100 days, and you video yourself each day.  You can upload these videos to the site and receive comments, encouragement, heckling, and shares.  There’s people on here learning to ride a unicycle, people losing weight, relearning how to walk, and even one guy telling his wife he loves her for 100 days straight.

It’s a pretty interesting concept, and no matter what you choose, my assumption is that you’d get better at it over time.  That got me thinking, what would I want to do for 100 days straight?  Every one of the people on GiveIt100.com are doing something that they want to do, and it makes them happy.  The tasks these people are tackling are rarely easy, and even harder to do for 100 days straight.  Hell, I probably couldn’t even manage to eat lunch 100 days straight, much less do push ups or practice a unicycle.

I don’t know what it will be yet, but I’m game to try this.  Stay tuned until I figure this out.

Back to the blog

So, I’ve been blogging off and on for years, mostly on other people’s and company’s blogs as a favor here and there.  I never really had much luck maintaining my own personal blog, however.  I would write three or four posts in a week, then nothing for months.  I was writing so sporadically that it only made my content look stale.  It was a bad habit, and a poor way to use my energy.

Well, here we are in 2014, and I’ve gotten through a lot of the things that have kept me from writing consistently in the past.  I finished my Master’s coursework last December, I stopped taking most freelance web design clients that were eating into my evenings and weekends, I’ve settled into a new home and stopped doing the new move-in projects, and my personal life is finally balanced and healthy again.  I truly feel like I have a good amount of energy and ideas to maintain a personal blog again.

So with all that said, here goes.  I haven’t honed in on what I’ll be writing about quite yet, and my audience is really just me.  It may seem random, to go from a home brew recipe to a review of a new laptop, to a series of Raleigh photographs, but hey … i’m writing for me.  If anyone wants to tag along and read or join the conversation, fantastic.  But, I won’t mold this blog into a particular format, topic, or structure to drive traffic.  To quote my least favorite euphemism, “It is what it is.”