How to Build an Ottoman with Inside Storage

Install your hinge and finish the inside

Because of the weight of the lid, you want a quality hinge that is as long as possible. I found a 30″ stainless hinge that is only an inch wide, and fits perfectly for this project. I centered it on the main box, attached with the provided wood screws, and then carefully attached to the lid, testing the fit a few times before fully securing it. You’ll need two people for this step to make sure the lid is in the exact location you want as you attach the hinge.

All is good here, except I still had staples showing from the side pieces that are wrapped over the top edge. So, I used a decorative border here, similar to a ribbon, but thicker, that is glued in place over the edge of the fabric/ staples, all the way around the box’s inside.

Now that you have a working lid that is secure, and your fabric is finished off, you can install a hydraulic arm or spring arm if you want the lid to stay open, or be able to open easier.

Voila! – Finished Ottoman with Inside Storage

The storage Ottoman project turned out great. All in all, we’re excited about this piece, as it finishes out our living room, and will certainly last for years.

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